Why CBD Oil – What Do We Know?

CBD delivers an answer for millions of people seeking a natural solution to help them live a better quality of life, and reconnect with their natural state. From sleep disorders to mental health, physical pain and inflammation, CBD studies are in place to evaluate differences for many people.

With over 30 years of dedicated experience, we are driven to share our passion for wellbeing, by developing refined pure CBD products to elevate your sense of self.

Why CBD Oil?

As users of CBD for several years, we have absolute faith in the ability of our tinctures to transform the way we feel, recover, and manage the pressures of life.
Health doesn’t carry a price tag, or a threshold – it should be for the many, and not for the few.

Our mantra is about taking back control over our bodies, harnessing the forces of nature to aid our healing, and to return to a harmonious state of balance that cannot be achieved through synthetics and human-made supplements.

Adio CBD Oils were created as a way to help us share our belief in how proactive health management can develop a way of living that is essential to happiness. Now we strive to contribute this knowledge to the world.

We all deal with pressures, strains, and life in general – and it is about how we manage our circumstances that determines the impact.

Why CBD Oil is Right for YOU

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Here is our why – and the problems we have experienced in the industry that we seek to put right:

  • CBD Oils on the mass market are overpriced and contain little or zero active CBD. We believe this is unacceptable, and unfair on customers seeking ways to improve their health, and who rely on companies, to be honest, and authentic.
  • Low-quality products use harmful extraction methods. This might be cheaper but results in CBD products with damaged or deactivated cannabinoids, removing the therapeutic benefits they are sold for.
  • We do not accept that purchasers have no guarantee of the level of CBD used in business advertising. (View our independent CBD Lab Reports here)
  • Our independent testing has identified numerous competitor products, which fall short on their promises, and do not reflect the packaging or the concentration advertised.
  • In many cases, there is no commitment to educating customers, with hemp seed oil being sold as an alternative to CBD, even on international marketplaces, thus misleading purchasers and failing to meet expectations.
  • CBD suppliers have a duty of care to share their knowledge about safe usage, recommended dosages and the benefits you can expect to see. It is disappointing to see CBD products sold with little or no information about how to use it correctly.
  • Natural, pure ingredients aren’t just a marketing tactic – but are vital to the health of millions of people with allergies, sensitivities, or taking prescribed medications. Adio believes that transparent ingredient details should be mandatory for all health substances.
  • Lab testing is rarely available, even from respected brands. This results in damage to the reputation of CBD as a holistic healthcare choice and means that retailers are not held to account when selling faulty products, or incorrectly marketed supplements.

What is Adio Doing Differently?

Substandard products sold at escalating prices do not serve the customer and create CBD users disenfranchised with the relief they have been promised.

Our mission is to reclaim the reputational excellence of CBD and to set the standard for product quality that every retailer should aspire to.

Adio wishes to drive those standards towards best practice, from product quality to sustainability, traceable supply chains to transparent packaging, and certified, lab-tested exceptional raw materials to sharing knowledge with the customers that trust us to do so.

  • Have you tried CBD oil before?
  • Did you find that it didn’t work?
  • Have you failed to see any effect?

In any of these scenarios, we would implore you to put your faith into Adio CBD Oil, and see for yourself what a difference it will make.

Our recommendations are:

  • Begin with a minimum 30-day supply at your preferred dosage to feel the initial effects.
  • Opt for a lower concentration initially, should you have not tried authentic CBD before.
  • Aim for a 12-week trial for the optimal impact, and to allow accumulated benefits to shine through.

If you are in any doubt as to what dosage, product or concentration to try, please get in touch, and we will be happy to provide expert advice to start your CBD journey in the right way.

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