UK CBD Facts – FAQ’s

UK CBD facts often state that this organic health treatment combines holistic wellness, self-care and anxiety relief. Is this factual, truthful or misinformation?

CBD oil is known as a safe healing solution, to restore your mind, body and energy to their optimal state. Explore our UK CBD Facts and the exceptional power of Mother Nature, with unique CBD tinctures crafted from only the Adio highest-quality organic ingredients.

Our Commitment to UK CBD Facts

The Adio team brings together 30 years of health and wellness experience. We are passionate about the profound benefits of using natural, effective CBD Oil to enhance your wellbeing in every way.

Adio CBD Oils include only the finest EU-grown Cannabis Sativa Hemp. Each raw material is personally sourced from trusted, Organic-certified producers, creating refined CBD Oils that deliver exceptional health benefits to our loyal customers of all ages.

We believe that our health is the most valuable asset we will ever own, and we will never compromise on quality. This is why we have published recent laboratory test results on our CBD product range to provide you with the UK CBD facts and confidence to buy Adio products.

Below is a growing list of UK CBD facts to search, review and understand.

UK CBD Facts – FAQ’s

No – you can buy extracted CBD compounds, but the flowers are illegal to buy or to sell. The same applies to CBD buds.

Hemp flowers are very high in CBD – usually around 13% to 15% and low in THC, generally less than the 0.2% benchmark. However, while such flowers are legal elsewhere, they are not in the UK.

Growers of cannabis or hemp plants require a special license, and even though hemp flowers fall below the legal THC limit, they are banned simply because they are part of a cannabis plant.

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CBD oil, extracted from Cannabis Sativa plants, is grown and extracted from all over the world. However, knowing where your CBD is produced and how it is extracted is crucial.

US organic certified standards fall far below European regulations, and therefore may still contain harmful chemicals.

Far East produced CBD can be made from unregulated plants with far higher THC levels than the European 0.2% limit, so purchasing CBD from overseas can be dangerous.

Our pure CBD oil is provided by our certified-organic, licenced EU grower in Switzerland, who uses environmentally friendly growing techniques and advanced CO2 extraction to guarantee the authenticity and quality of our products.

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CBD oil is legal throughout much of Europe, and the UK as well as most countries around the world. This applies to pure, regulated and lab-tested CBD that does not contain over the maximum 0.2% THC in the plants from which it is extracted.

There are very few places where CBD is not legal, but those places include:

  • Albania – all cannabis by-products are banned.
  • Belarus – where the law does not distinguish between marijuana and hemp.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – all cannabis by-products are illegal.
  • Iceland – there are no specific laws, and you can buy CBD here, but there is no legal difference between cannabis and CBD, so it is technically against the law.
  • Russia – hemp cultivation is legal, but isolating cannabinoids is not.
  • Serbia – all cannabis by-products are banned.
  • Slovakia – the Slovakian law, states that CBD is a psychoactive narcotic, which is prohibited.

Other countries further afield where CBD is illegal or licensed for use include Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and the Middle East.

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Yes, CBD oil can help to lower blood pressure, particularly when the user is experiencing high blood pressure due to stress.

CBD has analgesic and anxiolytic properties, which have a direct benefit to the cardiovascular system.

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No, there is no evidence that CBD can cause a headache. This is not a potential side effect, even in people taking heavy doses or who have not taken CBD before.

Research shows that CBD can, in fact, relieve pain, inflammation and stress that are key causes of headaches, so might reduce the symptoms.

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While CBD isn’t a medication intended to treat colds and flu, it can be used as a supplement to help alleviate the symptoms.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and form of pain relief. Therefore, it can assist with reducing sinus pressure, aches and pains, and create an optimal state for your body to relax and heal faster.

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Alcohol can increase the impact of anything you take whilst drinking; so if you take CBD and drink alcohol at the same time, there is a higher risk that you will feel tired and drowsy.

However, there is a positive in that CBD protects against cell damage, such as that caused by drinking alcohol.

It also reduces blood alcohol concentrations, and is used to relieve withdrawal symptoms in opioid addicts, and therefore might protect you from alcohol damage.

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Any substance you consume when pregnant or breastfeeding will pass onto your baby; so while there isn’t any reason to think CBD can be harmful to babies and unborn children, it is best to avoid taking CBD while you are pregnant.

That said, there have been successful studies that show CBD improves fertility – most likely because it has the power to alleviate anxiety and stress.

On the other hand, some evidence suggests that cannabis (rather than CBD as an isolate) can disrupt the release of the GnRH hormone, which regulates oestrogen and might delay ovulation.

For those reasons, we would not recommend taking CBD when pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive – although new studies may arise that change that recommendation.

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CBD has multiple applications and treats an untold number of conditions and symptoms due to the way it interacts with our brain.

People have a natural endocannabinoid system, which has two types of receptors called CB1 and CB2. CBD interacts with these receptors in several ways:

  • It changes blood flow to areas of the brain linked with anxiety to relieve stress.
  • CBD changes the ability of CB2 receptors to bind and therefore relieves pain.
  • This action decreases levels of oxidative damage, which at a cellular level, reduces toxins in a similar way to antioxidant vitamins such as C and E.
  • The compound also reduces excitotoxicity – the damage to our brains when over-stimulated from injury, disease or stroke.
  • CBD can reduce the intensity and frequency of stokes, and is now an active ingredient in medications prescribed by the NHS.
  • It inhibits fatty acid amide hydrolase, stopping it from breaking down anandamide, which is the ‘happiness’ molecule. This makes it an antipsychotic.

Those are a fraction of the effects our brain experiences when we take CBD – and illustrate why we are so passionate about sharing it with the world!

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If you buy CBD from overseas, or through an international marketplace, there is always the risk that your product will include higher elements of THC than stated. It may not be lab-tested or could be manufactured from hemp plants that are not legal in the EU or UK.

Adio CBD oil is 100% pure, produced from EU-certified hemp seeds that do not contain psychoactive THC – which can result in a positive workplace drugs test, for example.

Using organic CBD means that you will not test positive for a cannabis test, since such tests in the UK search for THC and its metabolites that indicate you have taken cannabis.

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In a word, no. CBD oil is a natural, plant-derived product that doesn’t contain any intoxicating substances or artificial elements that can be difficult for your body to break down.

Studies have shown that CBD may be beneficial to liver health, and a potential treatment for liver disease pending further investigations. The reason for this is that CBD can effectively kill hepatic stellate cells (HSC), which are the cells that generate scar tissue in the liver.

You can read more about CBD and liver function in this study published by the British Journal of Pharmacology, showing how CBD may improve liver health.

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Usually, no – CBD oil does help restore healthy sleep patterns and is often used to treat sleep disturbances and conditions such as insomnia.

However, very few people feel tired, sleepy or dizzy when taking CBD. If you haven’t taken CBD before, or decide to increase your dosage, there is potential that a side effect will be sleepiness. Therefore, it’s wise to start with a lower dose and increase it gradually so you can see how it affects you.

Adio CBD oil is 100% pure and contains no THC, which is the cannabis compound that is well known for making users feel sleepy, unable to move, and often very tired.

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There isn’t a specific time, but you might have a personal preference; for example, CBD can support healthy sleep patterns, so you might prefer to take a dose as you’re winding down from the day.

Most people find that two or three doses a day are more than enough; but if symptoms flare up, you can increase that as needed.

You’ll find the most benefit of taking CBD on an empty stomach, so it can work well to take three doses before each meal, staged throughout the day.

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It’s a good question – and we believe that authenticity, powerful benefits and pure natural ingredients are far more critical to our well being than any cheap and cheerful product!

The issue here is one of price and ethics. Many retailers are selling cheap, heavily discounted CBD products. However, the problem is that such products are not organic, have very little CBD content (if any) and can even be harmful to your health.

Non-organic hemp uses cheap extraction methods, and also absorbs the minerals in the soil. That means low-quality CBD contaminated with pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers, with zero lab testing to verify whether any active CBD remains present.

Adio is proud to retail the most refined quality CBD with profound health benefits, at reasonable prices that reflect the passion we pour into our tincture bottles.

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It isn’t no – CBD oil contains the chemical compound extracted from a hemp plant.

Cannabis oil contains illegal THC concentrations, although a doctor can prescribe it for treatment of particular conditions such as epilepsy.

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It’s not – there is a distinct difference between certified, industrially grown hemp, and recreational marijuana.

Hemp plants contain minimal THC and are used for CBD extraction as well as for their fibres, which are used in multiple industries.

Marijuana plants are grown to create cannabis, which is an illegal drug unless medically prescribed.

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CBD is currently available to buy in the UK by adults over 18, and therefore we wouldn’t recommend giving it to children.

However, cannabinoids are a naturally occurring substance, and so there isn’t any indication that organic, 100% pure CBD would cause any harm or side effects in children.

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No, you cannot overdose on CBD since it is a non-psychoactive, non-toxic substance. Therefore you won’t feel an impact as you would when taking an illegal drug, or drinking alcohol, since CBD does not stimulate your brain, in the same way, to make you feel intoxicated.

However, while CBD is not addictive, it is wise to start with lower doses to explore the impact and increase the strength of your CBD if you find it necessary.

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As a natural anxiety relief treatment, CBD is widely available in concentrations and formats that are suitable for administering to animals.

We would recommend buying a species-specific CBD for treating a pet, or you can add a drop of oil to your pet’s food.

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Usually, once you have taken CBD oil as a tincture (a drop under your tongue), you’ll experience positive benefits within as little as ten minutes.

Other formats of CBD can take longer to work – such as edibles, capsules or drinks. That is because it takes longer for your body to digest the ingestible before the CBD is broken down.

Your metabolism and digestion can also impact the effectiveness of ingestible CBD, and so we recommend using CBD oils to receive the maximum impact.

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It does not! Our pure CBD oil contains two, simple ingredients:

CBD compound.
Hemp oil (the carrier).

As a tincture, you place a drop of CBD under your tongue for optimal ingestion, and it doesn’t carry any significant taste.

Flavoured CBD products are available, but aren’t recommended as the dilution of the CBD and presence of artificial colourants or flavourings can impact the potency of the CBD compound.

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You might have seen CBD sold in sporting shops, or promoted by professional sportspeople – and with good reason.

CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory and relieves pain, so it is a powerful way to help athletes recover from training, and restore their muscles faster. It is also excellent for relaxation and to calm anxiety, which can be beneficial.

Studies have also shown a positive impact of CBD on the immune system, making it a potent and natural way for sporty people to supplement their nutrition regime, without any risk of ingesting an illegal drug or PED.

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Dosages do vary between users, so it’s wise to start with a lower dose and weaker strength tincture until you’ve been able to assess whether you feel the benefits.

CBD accumulates throughout the day, and so ideal therapeutic levels might consist of a few small doses over a four-hour period.

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You will not – CBD is a non-psychoactive, which means it won’t make you feel euphoric, disorientated or extremely hungry!

THC is a different compound found in cannabis plants that generates the high. Our CBD is 100% pure and therefore has zero psychoactive effects.

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You can, although it is wise to discuss with your prescribing practitioner if in any doubt.

However, as an organic, natural and non-addictive substance, CBD oil is generally safe to take by any adult.

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CBD can be purchased in multiple formats – gummies, edibles, e-liquids and tinctures to name but a few. You can even cook with it, make cakes, add to salad dressings or blend it into coffee and smoothies!

Our CBD oil is manufactured in tinctures (oils) as the most effective way to take CBD without any breakdown of the compound caused by mixing with other elements, or reliant on metabolic and digestive rates.

We recommend taking CBD before you eat, and dropping it under your tongue. If you can hold it there for a couple of minutes before swallowing, you will receive the maximum benefits without any dilution.

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Adio CBD oils come in three concentrations:

  • 5%
  • 15%
  • 30%

We recommend starting with a 5% concentrate and increasing dosage or strength over time as required.

There are multiple different strengths, and the effects can vary in intensity between users, so the best CBD dosage for you is personal.

If you are seeking significant relief from pain, medical conditions or anxiety, you might prefer a higher strength CBD. Our 30% oil is the most potent tincture available and has noticeable effects.

However, a lower dose is always best to start with whilst you gauge your response, and a lower strength 5% oil can help with improving mood, restoring balance, and bringing harmony to your every day.

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Particularly when using CBD to relieve symptoms or medical conditions, organic CBD is vital. Certified organic oils contain zero pesticides or germicides, which can be absorbed by the plants during the growing process.

CBD produced overseas, especially in the Far East, is often industrially farmed in contaminated soil. The plants are a bioaccumulator, which means they absorb chemicals and minerals from the earth and the atmosphere around them.

Non-organic hemp and cannabis plants can therefore contain dangerous heavy metals, including lead and arsenic.

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Our Cannabis Sativa Hemp plants are grown by a certified organic grower in Switzerland.

We travelled throughout Europe and the US before settling on our preferred supply chain, having tested the purity and quality of the plants and extracted compounds.

The Adio team settled on our selected grower given the exceptional standard of their plants and growing techniques. Sourcing in Europe helped us to substantially reduce our air miles, with most UK CBD suppliers importing from the USA.

Organic standards in the US are also significantly different from those in Europe. So we choose our grower in respect of the importance we place on genuine organic produce and the higher EU standards in place.

Adio hemp plants are grown in environmentally sustainable greenhouses.

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Cannabis and hemp plants contain over 100 compounds, with CBD and THC being the most prevalent. All of these compounds can be beneficial, although a lot depends on the concentration levels, and condition they are being used to treat.

Pure CBD oil is solely the CBD compound.
Broad-spectrum CBD oil will contain other compounds, although usually with the THC eliminated.
Full-spectrum CBD oils contain all of the terpenes and compounds, including THC, so care is required to verify the concentration levels, as THC over a certain level is illegal in the UK.

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We use a CO2 extraction method, which retains the organic nature of our CBD and does not create any harmful residue or by-product.

Other CBD products are manufactured using substances such as butane or solvent extraction.

Alternative extraction methods can leave behind dangerous chemicals. Although CO2 extraction is the most technical and expensive option, Adio believes it is the only process that guarantees the quality and preservation of the CBD compound.

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Pure CBD contains no THC and has zero psychoactive effect.

Potential side effects can occur, although by starting with a lower dosage of a lighter concentration, you can gradually increase your CBD usage to achieve the desired results without adverse side effects:

Reduced appetite
Weight loss
Drowsiness or tiredness
Dry mouth
Upset stomach

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CBD and hemp oil are two completely different substances; although hemp oil is often sold online with misleading wording to make the buyer perceive that they are buying CBD!

Hemp oil is usually produced by cold pressing hemp seeds and is used in health foods, cooking oils, and to create multiple fibres and raw materials to manufacture fuel, materials and rope.

CBD, on the other hand, is a chemical compound extracted from cannabis plants and has a powerful impact on the human endocannabinoid system. This results in relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation and multiple other conditions.

We use hemp oil as the carrier in our lab-tested CBD oils.

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The endocannabinoid system is a natural system in our bodies that regulates multiple processes, including sleep, anxiety, memory, appetite and libido.

CBD works by interacting with our endocannabinoid receptors, to block sensors and create feelings of calm. This effect is the opposite of THC, which activates the receptors and has a psychoactive impact.

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Zero. Our CBD oil is lab-tested, high-quality CBD with no THC.

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No, although some sufferers from chronic illnesses or conditions can obtain a prescription for a higher-concentration CBD from a specialist practitioner.

CBD is available for sale over the counter or online, with no prescription, license or permission required.

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CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of over 100 cannabinoids to be found in cannabis plants. We grow hemp plants, which contain the highest concentration of CBD – usually around 40% of the plant extract.

CBD and THC are both cannabis compounds, but very different elements. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is the psychoactive compound that causes a high and other side effects.

Adio CBD oils are 100% pure, so you will not find any THC in our products.

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Yes, CBD is very safe. Adio oils are all organic certified, and CO2 extracted. These quality controls ensure that no pesticides, heavy metals or harmful chemicals are present in our refined CBD oils.

It is always wise to do your research before taking any new medication or supplement because we all have different sensitivities and some that perhaps we aren’t aware of.

We recommend starting with a lower dose and increasing it to your preference over time.

Every batch of Adio is third-party lab tested, so we guarantee quality, purity and consistency. Hence, there is never even a fraction of risk that our CBD oil contains anything other than refined CBD and the hemp seed oil carrier.

Potential side effects in those sensitive to CBD usually appear after taking very high doses and can include drowsiness, and a dry mouth.

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They are indeed. CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. It is not psychoactive and is safe and legal for use by adults over the age of 18.

All our products are 100% pure CBD, and therefore do not contain any controlled substance. The illegal compound found in hemp plants is THC, which must be in concentrations of less than 0.2% in hemp plants to comply with EU and UK legislation.

Adio procures our organic CBD from an accredited, Organic Certified grower, extracted from EU certified seeds.

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