CBD oil is legal throughout much of Europe, and the UK as well as most countries around the world. This applies to pure, regulated and lab-tested CBD that does not contain over the maximum 0.2% THC in the plants from which it is extracted.

There are very few places where CBD is not legal, but those places include:

  • Albania – all cannabis by-products are banned.
  • Belarus – where the law does not distinguish between marijuana and hemp.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – all cannabis by-products are illegal.
  • Iceland – there are no specific laws, and you can buy CBD here, but there is no legal difference between cannabis and CBD, so it is technically against the law.
  • Russia – hemp cultivation is legal, but isolating cannabinoids is not.
  • Serbia – all cannabis by-products are banned.
  • Slovakia – the Slovakian law, states that CBD is a psychoactive narcotic, which is prohibited.

Other countries further afield where CBD is illegal or licensed for use include Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and the Middle East.

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