Adio – Our CBD Journey

Adio is based on the UK south coast, where our family-run team works to develop a premium CBD range and healthcare products to support vitality and healing naturally and holistically.

With over 30 years of dedicated healthcare experience, we are driven to share our passion for wellbeing, by developing refined CBD products to elevate your sense of self.

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“The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease.” B.J. Palmer

CBD has long been a niche product but is swiftly becoming renowned in holistic healthcare circles as a powerful commodity with multiple applications and benefits.

As these properties become better known, backed by years of research and case studies, CBD Oil has gained attention throughout mainstream media, social networking, and within the medical research community.

Adio is delighted to see our products receive an acknowledgement, as our collective mindsets move away from chemicals, manufactured supplements and synthetics, seeking gentler ways to deliver CBD.

Many new clients we speak with have heard of CBD, but don’t understand how or why it works, and so look for information to clarify what benefits it can offer – and we are always happy to share our knowledge!

The Adio CBD Quality Guarantee

Exceptional products are not created by accident! Adio processes have taken years of development, from perfecting techniques, refining quality controls, and developing lab-verified products that deliver.

Independent laboratories with a specialism in cannabinoid testing verify every product we supply – hence our absolute confidence that our Oils will perform just as we promise.

We do not add any substances, preservatives or harmful minerals into any production. Each Adio CBD Oil contains only two ingredients:

  • Pure hemp seed oil (the carrier)
  • Pure extracted CBD

This focus on simplicity allows us to manufacture tinctures in varying concentrations, with all the power of potent terpenes and naturally occurring cannabinoids that deliver the advantages on offer.

Adio aims to provide the best quality CBD in the UK, and we do this by:

  • Investing our full attention in every step of the creation process.
  • Farming raw materials only from our hand-selected supplier.
  • Harvesting the highest quality pure hemp.
  • Extracting CBD through advanced CO2
  • Using plant and bottling controls to maintain standards.

When you buy Adio CBD Oil, we guarantee the quality, and we guarantee consistency.
You are investing in your future vitality – and we will deliver, with the best CBD oil in the country.

The History of Adio

Back in 2014, we became intrigued by the potential for CBD to deliver profound improvements to our quality of life, stress levels and sense of wellbeing. As hemp was legalised in the US, more growers began to seize the opportunity.

When the US Government passed the 2018 Farm Act, hemp was removed from the Schedule 1 Controlled Substances list – with an awareness that this applies to cannabis plants with lower than 0.3% THC concentration.

Such developments evolved the way that CBD was perceived and created a platform for authentic research and studies to solidify the learning that has existed in holistic medicine for centuries. As businesses and funding providers learned how cannabis products could revolutionise preventative healthcare, the sector has blossomed.

We now see multiple retailers within the CBD market, with thousands of product options available – including oils, creams, tinctures, caps pens, edibles and even supplements for pets!

However, this mass adoption of CBD as a unique product with far-reaching uses has been to the detriment of the quality on offer.

As an independent business and pioneer in the value of CBD in the modern healthcare scape, the Adio team is committed to providing sustainable, traceable and lab-tested products that meet the most rigorous of quality standards.

CBD products made from low-quality raw materials, colourants, and artificial substances may do more harm than good, and we are determined to maintain the standards we champion to promote the tangible value of pure CBD.

Why CBD Oil is Right for YOU

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How Adio CBD Oil Was Born

Since Hemp Cannabidiol (the technical term for CBD!) was legalised in the UK in 2018, UK interest in this potent natural ingredient has grown enormously.

Where there is demand, there is supply. With pace showing no signs of slowing, many CBD retailers sell products solely intended to dominate the market and generate revenues. This approach forfeits any care or attention for the service offered, or the long-term potential for CBD to help some people find relief from conditions.

The Adio team recognises the difference between organic, pesticide and herbicide-free CBD, and oils created under domestic licenses from certified seeds; but without the passion for healthcare that is vital in delivering results.

We struggled to find a company who produced reliable quality and could trace the sourcing and supply of their raw materials.

It was almost impossible to find certified products – which is beyond essential when seeking authentic natural treatments, particularly for longer-term use!

Therefore, our family team decided to write our own story and develop outstanding quality products that could meet our exacting standards. We travelled to the US (visiting no less than eight states in two weeks) to vet and inspect producers and manufacturers to gain an understanding of the market.

We used this foundation to develop a strategy for refining CBD quality for the UK market. The next year was spent visiting, sampling and testing produce from across Europe. Our journey found us at a Swiss pure farm, where we discovered the purest quality hemp.

And thus, Adio CBD Oil was created; and our love of health, holistic wellness, and absolute dedication to exceptional quality can be felt in every drop.


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