CBD oils are available in a range of products, strengths and volumes – and it is essential to ensure you understand what you are buying before you hit the order button to make sure you don’t end up investing in an illegal substance! Is CBD Legal and How Can I Buy It?

The good news is that CBD from accredited, respected suppliers is 100% legal, contains zero psychoactive substances, and can be purchased by anybody over the age of 18.

The Adio team receives numerous enquiries from customers interested in experiencing the impact of CBD but seeking clarity about the legalities around its use.

We have therefore compiled the information in this guide to explain what is legal – and what isn’t – and our top tips for sourcing CBD products from a safe supplier.

What are the UK Laws Around the Use of CBD?

Before we clarify legal doses and concentrations, it is vital to identify the different types of CBD product.

Ingredients are key, and unfortunately, with many suppliers failing to disclose accurate content descriptions – or, indeed, including misleading information – this makes a significant difference to the status of your CBD products.

The primary factor is the presence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the substance that makes you feel high and is heavily regulated.

  • CBD flowers and buds are illegal to sell in the UK from any destination, regardless of the strength or presence of THC.
  • CBD foods and supplements – such as CBD gummies, tinctures or drops – require an appropriate license.

Licenses might seem like red tape, for a natural and organic supplement, but are essential to remaining legally compliant.

Therefore, any CBD product you purchase should be from an accredited supplier. Ideally, look for retailers who provide clear ingredient lists, transparent sourcing, and information about their production techniques.

  • Cosmetic products containing CBD must be accompanied by a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) when sold by any retailer.
  • Vape CBD products must adhere to nicotine laws, under the General Products Safety Directive.

Such regulations have been created to protect consumers from counterfeit products, low-quality commodities that can be harmful to health, and restrict trade by unauthorised businesses.

However, the accessibility of global online marketplaces does mean that countless unvetted CBD products are openly sold on the market – some of which do not contain CBD at all!

What Should the Labelling Information Show on CBD Products Sold in the UK?

Regulations also dictate what information can, and cannot, be shown on a CBD product. Again, compliant companies will always conform to these rules and display as much information as possible about the purity of their products.

Be cautious of any CBD oils or edibles that do not conform to these regulations – the chances are, they are unauthorised and may not contain the compounds you expect them to.

  • Labelling on CBD products cannot make any medical claims.
  • Products must accurately show their contents.
  • The manufacturer details must be displayed.
  • Ingredients should be itemised.
  • CBD oils can only contain a maximum THC concentration of 0.2%.

While THC is a psychoactive cannabis compound, it can be present in minimal concentrations and remain within the legal limits.

EU farmers can grow hemp and cannabis plants under license, provided those plants contain less than 0.2% THC.

So, is CBD Oil Legal to Use?

Yes, it is.

Adio CBD oil is a pure, organic, non-psychoactive health supplement. It can be used safely by adults of any age.

Safe CBD products will:

  • Carry lab-test results indicating the quality, concentration and ingredients.
  • Always display the full ingredients on every product sold.

CBD oil is not a controlled substance, is entirely legal, and can be purchased in thousands of places – although the sourcing of your CBD will make a big difference to the quality!

Where Can I Buy CBD?

Given the confusion and lack of regulatory enforcement, many sellers promote CBD products incorrectly.

There are also multiple formats of CBD product:

  • Oil tinctures
  • Topical Creams
  • Vape pens and liquids
  • Edibles
  • Capsules

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Each CBD product should conform to the same testing, labelling and marketing laws as mentioned above.

Please note that cannabis oil is NOT legal, and should never be confused with CBD! This oil contains much higher THC concentrations than a CBD product and will produce a high – and potentially unpleasant side effects.

Hemp oil, however, is completely legal. This is usually produced from cold-pressing hemp seeds and is commonly used in cooking oils, skin treatments and food products.

Adio’s quality control team has lab-tested countless competitor products. We found that many contain very different concentrations than shown on their ingredients – and can contain so little CBD that the effects are likely to be non-existent, or the result of a placebo effect at best.

It’s worth remembering that the hemp wellness market in the UK is worth around £300 million. So in a lot of cases, products are sold to generate higher profit margins and gain market share – without being an authentic product that will improve the health of the user.

How Do I Know Which CBD Retailers to Trust?

When you purchase any supplement or additive that you are going to ingest, you need to trust the seller.

Flavoured and coloured CBD products can contain multiple synthetics. Poorly sourced raw materials can be contaminated with germicides and pesticides, and carrier substances can cancel out the power of the CBD compound to elevate your mood, alleviate pain and soothe medical conditions.

However, for consumers, this is a significant challenge!

  • You can’t tell for yourself whether a CBD product contains the concentration it claims to on the bottle.
  • New brands are likely to have very few reviews, or customer testimonials attributing health improvements to the product.
  • Online listings are rarely regulated or checked, meaning any claims can be made without being backed up by testing reports.
  • In many cases, reviews are paid for, or written by users in return for free products, which means they cannot be relied on as authentic.

It is often not until a buyer uses a CBD oil, and continues to use it for at least 30-days; that they will identify that there are zero effects.

Genuine producers find this scenario extremely frustrating, as it creates an opinion that CBD ‘doesn’t work’ – when the reality is that the product is simply too low quality to have any benefit, or isn’t trustworthy when it comes to containing the claimed ingredients.

The best way to ensure you purchase pure, organic and authentic CBD is to buy directly from an independent producer.

We take great pride in the consistency and quality of our Adio CBD Oils and have scoured the globe in search of the most refined raw materials and extraction methods to guarantee the standard of every product.

If you see a CBD product that seems too cheap to be accurate, doesn’t declare its ingredients, or where the seller does not provide transparent information about sourcing and lab-testing, it’s very likely a high-priced bottle of hemp seed oil.

Tips for Buying Great Quality CBD Products

Over time, if you find a CBD product that always delivers outstanding results, you’re likely to have a favourite supplier, who you trust to make true on their promises.

If you’re trying CBD for the first time, it pays to know what questions to ask!

Here are the top tips from the Adio team to ensure you purchase verified CBD products from trusted UK vendors:

  1. Don’t rely on percentages alone. Some retailers mislead customers by declaring CBD percentages – without the amount of CBD per mg of product. Make sure the ingredients and concentration are exact.
  2. Check for extraction processes. Adio uses an advanced CO2 extraction method, which preserves the full spectrum of the CBD compound. Using butane, or solvent extraction techniques damage the CBD and can leave behind dangerous residues that are very wise to avoid. If a product doesn’t show what extraction process has been used, skip it.
  3. Review THC content information. With strict UK laws around THC usage, respected suppliers will always give buyers a clear statement about whether any THC exists in their CBD products, and if so, to what extent. Search for pure, organic CBD oils and don’t spend your hard-earned cash on anything that isn’t understandable.
  4. Opt for organic CBD products. All CBD items are produced from a plant – which is why organic is definitely best. Non-organic CBD oils can contain pesticides and heavy metals that are very harmful. Organic CBD should be sourced from a certified grower.

If in any doubt as to the value, quality, consistency or content of a CBD product, we recommend choosing another seller.

The best CBD products will always be:

  • Certified organic
  • Third-party lab tested and certified
  • Clearly labelled
  • CO2 extracted

When all of these criteria are met, you’re assured of a high-quality CBD oil that will surpass your expectations and deliver the natural health benefits you are seeking.

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