CBD, the abbreviated name for cannabidiol, has multiple applications as a natural, therapeutic substance. As the market grows, and research identifies new ways to use the CBD compound, fresh products regularly launch onto the market.

If you’re new to the world of holistic health or haven’t tried CBD before, it can be confusing:

  • Which type of CBD works best?
  • What product is well suited to your use of CBD?
  • And why is one more expensive than the other?

There are multiple reasons people choose to use CBD, a cannabinoid found in hemp plants.

With reported well-being benefits, due to the ways in which organic CBD can interact with our body’s endocannabinoid systems, the Adio team regularly talks to people seeking clarity about different forms of CBD, and what that means for the performance of this powerful compound.

Here we’ll run through the most common types of CBD product on the UK market – as well as some perhaps lesser-known!


 1. CBD Oils (Tinctures) – the Original and the Best!

The very first pioneering CBD products were oils, and this remains the most advantageous way to consume CBD.

Oils are, as the name infers, created from oils; these are usually naturally occurring oils, such as our hemp oil carrier, which is itself a popular health food and cooking product, thought to be beneficial for heart health.

You’ll also find other carrier oils including MCT, olive oil, avocado oil and grapeseed oil to name but a few.

CBD extract is infused with this oil, which you take by dropping it under your tongue. Hold it there for a minute or two, and you’ve taken your CBD!

Benefits of choosing CBD oil include:

  • The fastest absorption rate – and therefore, the best way to take CBD.
  • Easy dosing with built-in droppers.
  • Sold in many outlets and online stores across the UK.

There are many considerations when choosing the ideal CBD tincture:

  • Oils come in multiple strengths and mixtures – Adio CBD Oils start at 5% concentration and go up to 30%.
  • The market isn’t regulated, so it’s essential to select a retailer who is accredited and licensed, with Organic Certified plant extracts.
  • Look for CBD oils with as few ingredients as possible, to avoid synthetics, stabilisers or colourants. Our CBDs have two simple ingredients – hemp oil and CBD.
  • Oil can be used in a variety of ways, for example, by adding to vinaigrettes to use within cooking.
  • Check the dosage recommendations of your CBD supplier before you start taking it; we advise starting with a lower dose and building it up as required.


2.CBD Vape Fluids

Next up, CBD vape fluids. Following the UK smoking ban, vaping has become increasingly popular over the years. You’ll see people of all ages vaping, from simple menthol e-cigs to full-blown vape holsters with no end of exotic flavours.

Combining CBD with vaping seems to make sense, and can be a fast way to consume the cannabis compound if you’re a regular vape smoker anyway.

However, the research into vaping remains uncertain, so if you’re considering taking CBD and do not currently vape, a CBD oil is likely to be a safer bet.

Many vape pens are now designed explicitly for CBD oils, which means they come with refillable tanks or CBD cartridges that you replace as needed. You can also buy CBD oil for use in a standard vape – and quality and strength all vary considerably.

Vapes also run at different temperatures, depending on the type and size of the coil, battery and tank, so it’s best to check whether your vape is suitable for CBD oil and vice versa.

As with traditional oils, you can also buy CBD vape fluid in different concentrations. It’s worth noting that many CBD vape fluids come in different flavours and colours. That may be part of the stylistic element of vaping, but we’d always recommend steering clear of those additives.

While bright green, Mint flavoured CBD might taste good, there is always a risk that mixing a natural compound with multiple colourants and flavourings will damage the CBD and render it less effective.

  • Vaping remains a contentious issue within the health community but is said to be a healthier choice than smoking cigarettes.
  • You can buy vape pens and cartridges in a vast array of sizes, strengths, designs and styles.
  • Flavoured CBD oil is popular given the pleasant taste – but might be less effective as the CBD is no longer pure.
  • Be mindful of the price of your vape, and other costs such as replacement batteries, coils, and tanks. Higher priced vapes are better quality, but they can cost money to maintain.
  • Cartridges clearly state the strength of the CBD, but it’s also very difficult to control your dosage if you’re a regular vaper – and to know how much CBD you have inhaled.

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3. CBD Capsules or Tablets

Capsules tend to be an option for people who wish to take CBD, but don’t like vaping, or find the taste unpleasant. Adio CBD Oils don’t have a particularly strong flavour – hemp oil has a gentle, nutty flavour, and taking a few drops under your tongue doesn’t generate a massively strong taste response.

However, capsules are there as an alternative for those who prefer to take a tablet rather than use oil.

One of the draws is that people are familiar with taking tablets. Still, that can lead to a misunderstanding that CBD is a medicine, when it is, in fact, a natural therapeutic supplement.

As with all CBD products, quality can be diverse. Cheap CBD capsules are never a great idea as they can easily leak or split, and can vary in the concentration and refinement of the CBD contained.

  • CBD capsules are much less popular than oils or vape fluids, so may be harder to come by.
  • It’s essential to purchase from a licensed UK seller and to ensure you don’t ever take tablets bought from overseas or an unaccredited source.
  • Absorption rates can differ dramatically between users. That is because a capsule will be digested, and metabolic rates and digestion rates vary between people. You might therefore find that your CBD usage increases if benefits decrease.
  • The CBD will take longer to be absorbed, and will be felt slower than a tincture, which has the fastest absorption rate.
  • Capsules are an option for people who don’t like the taste of oils – although choosing a different CB tincture with an alternative carrier oil might be a better route.


4. CBD Edibles

Like vaping, edibles have become very popular, particularly with a younger CBD demographic, who are familiar with gummies for everything from apple cider vinegar to hair growth supplements.

One of the issues with CBD edibles is that these tend to be in the form of sweets, and are quite often gummy bears – but in the UK you must be 18 or older to purchase CBD. Although pure CBD is safe, natural and holistic, it’s not a product that should be marketed at children.

Edibles are easier to use, tasty to eat, and come in brownies and cakes as well as gummies (we’ve even seen CBD pizzas being advertised!). The caveat is, as with vape liquids, that flavours and colourants are synthetic substances added to the CBD that might have other side effects or impact the CBD compound.

Likewise, high heat can destroy CBD, so any edible cooked with CBD is likely not going to be effective. A better option is to use CBD oil as a dressing, sauce, or in a smoothie, so you’re getting all the benefits, without compromising on quality.

  • Edibles are usually sweets or cakes, which let’s face it are always going to be appealing!
  • Foods cooked with CBD are not likely to be effective if they have been produced with heat.
  • Any edible CBD product purchased online should be carefully reviewed – for quality, licensing, sourcing and ingredients.
  • Edibles can be expensive, and it may be much cheaper to make your own – such as adding a sprinkling of CBD to a drink or meal.
  • There is a potential that unhealthy edibles – such as those made with chocolate – are pleasant to eat, but counteract the positive benefits of CBD with higher levels of sugar and fat.
  • Any edible CBD will take longer to work than a tincture, as, like capsules, they will depend on your metabolic rate and digestive rate to determine how quickly the CBD is absorbed, and how much of that concentration is released into your bloodstream.


5. CBD Creams

Finally, let’s consider lotions and creams. These are available throughout the sports world and often promoted by athletes who use such lotions to treat inflammation and pain, and aid in faster recovery.

In most cases, these are topical lotions that you apply directly to the affected area. You can also find CBDs created for conditions such as arthritis. Creams are applied to the skin and absorbed through those layers gradually.

  • Topical creams can be used in a targeted way to treat problem areas.
  • Lotions are easy to apply and familiar, so simple to incorporate into a regular regime.
  • Creams are becoming more widely available, in several strengths.
  • Be aware that perfumes, preservatives and colourants are artificial substances that may counteract some of the benefits of the CBD compound.
  • Dosage is tricky since you can’t reliably calculate how much cream you have applied, although the strength is likely to be lower than an ingested CBD product.
  • It may take time for the cream to be absorbed, and benefits may be temporary – again, this all depends on your physiology and how quickly your skin can absorb the CBD.

While not an exhaustive list, those products are the most popular and common types of CBD you might be able to find on the UK market. Each has pros and cons, so it’s best to take some time to consider what you want to achieve from your CBD usage, which method is most appropriate for your routine, and how much you expect to be investing in CBD to get the most out of it.

Our recommendation is always to start with CBD Oils, and perhaps try other products if you wish to explore. Oils are the safest, cleanest and fastest way to take CBD – and while edible CBD gummy bears or colourful vape liquids might look great, there is always a trade-up between purity and quality.

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