We talk a lot about the best ways to take CBD – and always recommend a tincture as the fastest way to receive all the therapeutic benefits of a pure CBD compound!

However, there are thousands of options out there. From sports drinks to chewy gummies, snack bars to muscle rubs, make-up to vape liquids, the world of CBD commodities continues to grow.

One alternative that we’re often asked about is whether CBD can be used in food. It makes sense that, if you’re eating three times a day and always forgetting to take your CBD, adding it to dinner might be a no-brainer!

That said, we’d share a few words of wisdom about cooking with CBD, and while it might be great to try, isn’t always the right way to get the best impact.

  • Ideally, avoid adding heat to CBD. High temperatures can denature the compound (break down the chemical properties by disrupting the molecular structure).
  • Taking CBD with food might impact the benefits you feel. In a perfect world, CBD would be taken usually around three times per day, before each meal.
  • If you have a fast metabolism and take your CBD with a meal, you might find that you need to amend your dosage as it might be digested faster, and therefore have a lower benefit.
  • Always use an organic CBD with a natural carrier (we use hemp seed oil). The hemp oil carrier itself is an excellent health aid, with reported benefits such as anti-ageing and skin health with the potent CBD compound a bonus.
  • Don’t use CBD as a cocktail ingredient. It might be tempting, but alcohol tends to amplify the impact of anything else ingested at the same time, so we’d recommend avoiding booze and using CBD in recipes as below.

There’s our advice – and if you’re keen on having a go and seeing what CBD super healthy meals you can come up with, here are a few things to try!


1. CBD Mint Tea or Bedtime Teas

Sleep teas are a great way to unwind, relax your mind, and get ready for a restful night of sleep. CBD is thought to have restorative properties and aid with sleep disorders, so making a tea is an excellent way to use your CBD at an optimal time of day.

You can use any tea that you enjoy; mint teas are great for digestion, chamomile tea is calming. Ginger tea is thought to be useful for our immune systems, and preventing nausea, or Echinacea tea is often used as a natural way to help with colds.

Be wary of adding CBD to boiling water, as this is likely to damage the compound. Instead, make your tea or steep your tea bag, and wait until it has cooled. Add your CBD tincture to the tea when it is cool enough to drink – and enjoy!

Better yet, you can use CBD in a cold tea, such as a cool mint tea or a hibiscus tea. The process is very much the same; add water (ideally room temperature) into a jug with your tea bags or loose-leaf tea, and steep for a few hours to allow the tea to infuse.

Drain the tea leaves or remove the tea bags, add fresh lemon slices and stir in your CBD drops and you have a refreshing cold tea with a healthy kick!


 2. Pizza with a CBD Oil Topping

Pizza is a firm favourite with so many people; and you can create a CBD oil topping to infuse your dinner with your therapeutic compound – although it won’t do anything about the pizza calories, unfortunately!

CBD with hemp oil is ideal, as with most of these recipes. That is because hemp seed oil is already widely used in cooking, has multiple natural benefits, and carries the right consistency and texture you’ll need, without any additives or chemicals.

  • Use around an eighth of a teaspoon of CBD per pizza – depending on the size, the strength of your CBD tincture, and how many people you are sharing with.
  • Mix with garlic oil, dried basil and dried oregano for a fresh, herby dressing that works perfectly with just about any pizza topping.
  • Wait until your pizza has cooled to a temperature when it is ready to eat before adding – if you add the oil to the pizza before cooking, the CBD will be broken down, and the flavours of the dressing won’t come through very well.

Other options include mixing CBD with hemp or olive oil and adding Parmesan and dried or freshly chopped herbs.

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3. How to Make CBD Infused Butter

Cannabis-infused butter is often called cannabutter, but it’s likely much cheaper to make a CBD version yourself than to buy online!

This recipe can be a little trial and error, as you’ll need to melt your butter slightly until it is the right consistency to blend well with your CBD.

However, we’ve got an alternative! Typically, you make CBD infused butter by simmering butter of your choice (usually unsalted), over very low heat until the butter is soft. The heat needs to be introduced very slowly, at a low temperature.

You add a cup of water in with the oil, and heat slowly over a couple of hours, and then store and keep in the fridge.

One option is to avoid heat at all and leave your butter to warm to room temperature until it reaches a ‘spreadable’ consistency.

Use a manual whisk to soften the butter, and then combine with the CBD and a little water, using gentle stirring to achieve a thorough blend.

When it’s cooled and ready to use, your CBD butter can be used on sandwiches and toast as you normally would. Be cautious about cooking with the butter though, as temperatures over about 170 °C will break down the CBD compound.


4. CBD Healthy Salad Dressings

Salad dressings are one of the most popular foods to make with CBD – since they are cold or room temperature, and therefore there isn’t any heat involved.

Cannabis compounds all contain terpenes, which lend themselves particularly well to vinaigrettes or dressings. Terpenes are natural aromatic oils that you’ll find in just about every fruit and herb in your kitchen; so blending them together can create some great taste combinations!

Here are some of our favourite CBD salad dressings:

  • Strawberry and Avocado Vinaigrette: Gently combine strawberry puree, balsamic vinegar, raw honey, black pepper and avocado oil for a sweet, sharp vinaigrette ideal with salads and cheese boards.
  • Garlic Dressing: Great for salads, vegetables or as a chicken dressing, if you like garlic, this is a winner! Combine white wine vinegar, minced garlic cloves, black pepper and rock salt with hemp seed CBD for a punchy flavour.
  • Lemon Salad Dressing: works just as well with salads as with cooked chicken! Combine lemon zest, lemon juice, and garlic, mayo and Dijon mustard. Mix together thoroughly, and then sprinkle with your CBD.

For the best CBD salad dressing, we’d recommend blending with an immersion blender or regular smoothie maker. You can also add all the ingredients into a jar, and simply shake by hand.


5. Pesto with CBD

Pesto is a topping you can use on thousands of meals. From a jacket potato to pastas, salad dressings to a dipping sauce, a rich, creamy pesto carries intense flavours to add excitement to even plain everyday dishes.

CBD oil infuses beautifully with a pesto sauce, and our natural hemp oil carrier is perfect for use in this type of dressing.

Hemp oil is often used in cooking as a cold-pressed oil produced from licensed hemp seeds. It is said to have multiple health benefits, as with many oils made from organic plants.

Here’s how to make it:

  • A cup of nuts – cashews or pine nuts are most popular! Chop the nuts into fine pieces.
  • Add a finely chopped cup of coriander (or cilantro for our friends across the pond). Other alternatives include basil, so you can change the herb according to your taste.
  • Chop two garlic cloves, and a few spring onions, again as finely as you can.
  • Add three tablespoons of honey – Manuka is an excellent choice for a super healthy dressing!. Add a tablespoon of vinegar. We use apple cider vinegar, but any will do.
  • Top with a good pinch of rock salt or sea salt, and add your CBD oil.

Once you’ve chopped all of your ingredients, simply blend them together!

We’d say it’s best to do this manually, as electric whisks or blenders can heat up and potentially damage the CBD. Likewise, vigorous mixing isn’t ideal, so if you can whisk gently until you reach your preferred consistency, the CBD should remain in a high concentration.

It’s up to you how much CBD to add. If you’re making a large batch of pesto, you might add as much as a couple of spoonfuls, or might use a few drops on top of the finished dressing to ensure the compound is as potent as ever.

Variations include using grated Parmesan cheese, lemon juice and black pepper, so this is a great sauce to play around with and try different flavour combinations until you reach a perfectly punchy sauce that is bursting with texture.

We hope you enjoy experimenting with your CBD recipes and are always happy to learn about new ingredients that you’d whipped up with your organic CBD oil!

Feel free to share your tips for great CBD cooking with the Adio team; we’d love to hear them!

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